What is OpenMotion?

  • OpenMotion is an All-In-One Web3 Ecosystem For Animation, leveraging blockchain technology to democratize and revolutionize the animation industry. It empowers independent creators by providing a collaborative and transparent environment for conceiving, funding, and distributing animated content. Its objectives include creator empowerment, community engagement, ecosystem sustainability, innovative funding through digital asset tokenization, sharing and learning through an education marketplace, dynamic marketplace for animated content, and NFT distribution licenses for distributors.


How can investors benefit from OpenMotion?

  •  Investors are integral to bringing creative visions to life, and OpenMotion provides a unique avenue for them to benefit from animation projects. Through OpenMotion, investors can actively engage with projects, becoming key stakeholders by investing in them through NFTs. They can also purchase NFTs with limited ownership, leading to additional revenue streams via royalties. Collectible NFTs can be shared across platforms through OpenMotion API Integrations. Moreover, revenue from content interactions is automatically distributed to investors’ wallets. In addition, investors can receive payouts and rewards in $ANME tokens and earn APY through $ANME staking.


What opportunities does OpenMotion offer animation creators?

  • OpenMotion offers animation creators an ecosystem for showcasing, funding, and refining their projects. Through the OpenMotion launchpad, creators can secure funding and gather feedback from fans, investors, and distributors. The platform’s intuitive interface simplifies participation, even for those new to blockchain technology.
  • Creators receive their share of revenue sales automatically via smart contracts. Furthermore, creators receive free $ANME tokens for tokenizing their animation project assets, which can be monetized through the OpenMotion content streaming platform. Tokenized content can also be minted to NFTs and distributed through API integrations. All revenue from content interactions is automatically sent to the creators’ wallets, and payouts can be increased by choosing $ANME tokens as a payment option. Creators can further engage with their fans through content generation events and social tipping, strengthening their relationships with their audience.


How does OpenMotion appeal to crypto users?

  • Crypto enthusiasts can participate in a unique token economy, invest in animation-related NFTs, and contribute to a decentralized platform shaping the future of digital animation. Blockchain ensures security, transparency, and trust, recording every creation, transaction, and exchange within the ecosystem.
  • OpenMotion leverages the $ANME token to attract crypto enthusiasts by offering a multifaceted ecosystem that promotes active participation and investment in animated projects. The platform enables users to vote on projects, buy exclusive content, and trade digital assets like NFTs, enhancing user engagement. The $ANME token not only facilitates transactions at reduced fees, encouraging retention and usage, but also enables holders to participate in Initial NFT Offerings and earn rewards through staking.


Why should animation fans be excited about OpenMotion?

  •  Fans can own a piece of their favorite animations through NFTs, engage directly with creators, and access exclusive content in a vibrant community. By offering tools for interactive polls, forums, and collaborative creation, OpenMotion empowers fans to influence essential aspects of animation projects, such as storylines and character development. The approach deepens the connection between creators and their audience and provides fans with a sense of ownership and pride in the animations they help shape. In addition, OpenMotion introduces an innovative financial dimension by enabling fans to purchase and trade tokenized digital assets and NFTs, offering new monetization opportunities through royalties, collectibles, and exclusive access to content.


What does OpenMotion offer distributors?

  • OpenMotion enables distributors to distribute animation content using NFT licenses. These licenses allow distributors to manage the rights for distributing animation content in specific geographical areas, allowing them to own a stake in the content they distribute. With the NFT license, distributors can generate income through leasing services and royalties, as the animation content begins to be distributed. OpenMotion facilitates direct and fair commercial agreements between creators, distributors, and investors, ensuring a fair distribution of compensation.


How does OpenMotion integrate with existing Web3 technologies?

  •  OpenMotion integrates with current Web3 technologies by leveraging blockchain and tokenization to revolutionize the animation sector. This integration promotes security, transparency, and trust by documenting all creations, transactions, and exchanges on an unalterable ledger, offering users and creators a decentralized and secure platform for transactions, NFT minting, and the management of digital assets.


Can fans participate in the creation process on OpenMotion?

  • Yes, fans have opportunities to contribute ideas, fund specific projects through NFTs and token investments, as well as participate in community-driven content development initiatives.


What security measures does OpenMotion take to protect its users?

  • We prioritize security through blockchain’s inherent features, including encryption, smart contracts for transactions, and rigorous access controls to safeguard user data and assets.